Monofilament Yarn

MonofilamentGuelph Twines polypropylene monofilament rope yarn is manufactured at our facility on dedicated and recently upgraded extrusion equipment for trouble free braiding. Made only from virgin polypropylene, it is available in multi-end put-ups in a variety of colours.

Typical packages of yarns:

3000 Denier/10 End (300 Denier per end, 8.5 mil)

3000 Denier/4 End (750 Denier per end, 12 mil)

3000 Denier/2 End (1500 Denier per end, 17 mil)

6000 Denier/20 End (300 Denier per end, 8.5 mil)

Our yarn averages 5.8 grams per denier, and is put up on 12” traverse by 3.25” I.D. tubes. Package Diameter is approx. 9”.

Please contact us for further specifications.