Industrial Purpose Twine

Industrial Twine is most often used for securing, baling, bundling or pulling, and chances are we have the best size of twine to suit your application. Our twines are manufactured with virgin polypropylene to maximize strength and consistency. They are available in three different constructions, and there are a range of sizes within each construction to best suit your requirement.

Ribbon Twines are made from a width of flat plastic film that is packaged into a roll. This twine is flat and as such provides a broad bearing surface for securing sensitive items.

Twisted Film Twines are formed by taking a thin width of film and twisting it to form a round length of twine. This twine is soft and has excellent knotting characteristics.

Monofilament Twines are formed by taking many individual lengths of thin filaments and wrapping them all together inside of a spiral filament binding.

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