Specializing in the manufacturing of plastic twines, electrical cable fillers, and monofilament rope yarns.

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SIZE Ft. / ctn PER CARTON Ft. / lb.
900 9,000 900
700 7,000 700
450 4,500 450
TF150 1,500 150
TF100 1,000 100
SIZE Ft. / ctn PER CARTON Ft. / lb.
M140 9,000 1000
M180 7,000 780
M240 5,250 580
M275 4,500 500
M800 1,450 155
-- -- --

Guelph Twines manufactures plastic twines for a wide variety of agricultural, industrial and commercial markets.

Our high quality polypropylene twines are designed to provide strength together with excellent handling qualities. These lightweight, uniform twines are strong and tough and are ideal for a wide range of applications. We manufacture a full range of sizes that are available from our many distributors. We also have designed special twines for many uses including:

  • Commercial/Industrial Baling and Recycling
  • Electrical and Datacomm Pull Line
  • Christmas Tree Baling
  • Drainage Tile
  • Grape Vine Support
  • Nursery Tree Branch Support and Root Ball Tying
  • Dwarf Fruit Tree Branch Training
  • Many others!

Twine is most often used for securing, baling, bundling or pulling, and chances are we have the best size of twine to suit your application. Our twines are manufactured with virgin polypropylene to maximize strength and consistency. They are available in three different constructions, and there are a range of sizes within each construction to best suit your requirement.

Ribbon Twines are made from a width of flat plastic film that is packaged into a roll. This twine is flat and as such provides a broad bearing surface for securing sensitive items.

Twisted Film Twines are formed by taking a thin width of film and twisting it to form a round length of twine. This twine is soft and has excellent knotting characteristics.

Monofilament Twines are formed by taking many individual lengths of thin filaments and wrapping them all together inside of a spiral filament binding.

Contact us for your nearest distributor of these twines.

Guelph Twines Ltd. produces soft and uniform twines for supporting greenhouse vegetables. We have developed unique twines for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers:

P1500 Tomato Twine - This soft and strong twine is u.v. stabilized* and ideal for winding onto hooks. Yield: 1000 metres per kg (1500 feet per lb). Package: 6.6 kg (14.5 lb), approx. 6600 metres (21,750 feet)

P2000 Pepper Twine - This soft and light twine is u.v. stabilized* and provides optimal yield and strength for pepper plants. Yield: 1340 metres per kg (2000 feet per lb). Package: 5.7 kg (12.5 Lb), approx. 7600 metres (25,000 feet)

All of these twines are available at distributors of greenhouse supplies.

*P1500 Tomato Twine and P2000 Pepper twine is u.v stabilized to last for one season in a greenhouse.

No twine should ever be allowed to remain in contact with nutrient solution.

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Guelph Twines specializes in the manufacturing of plastic twinesm ekectrical cable fillers, and monofilament rope yarns. We have supplied these products throughout North America for nearly forty years. Our manufacturing facility is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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